About McClure Pictures

McClure Pictures is a Multi Media company specializing in Videography, Photography, and Digitizing Services. We hope to help you to create, capture, and preserve your moments forever. We bring with us ambition and dedication to create for you a product that not only meets the needs of our clients, but by going beyond their expectations.  

About Our Staff

Tristen McClure is a 24-year-old videographer and photographer. He is a graduate Dickson County High School and Middle Tennessee State University with majors in Media Management and Minors in Photography and Video/Film Production. Tristen is trying to build his production company from the ground up, hoping to one day be able to produce Movies and TV shows. But for the mean time he is working to build a his company by helping Create, Capture and Preserving memories for those whom request his services, while working on his own personal projects on the side.